I Have A Son (A Virtual One, But Still)

I have played Football Manager and its predecessor Championship Manager for maybe 15 or 16 years now. So far, I have never been blessed by having a newgen appear who I can call “son.” Last week, I was fed up with this and I decided to reload my save as often as necessary to finally get a virtual son. It turns out I needed to do this for about 90 minutes, reloading and assessing the intake roughly 40 times. Just as I was about to call it a day, the virtual stork decided to visit.


It was a magical feeling when that little guy finally appeared on-screen. Roel Merry, which is also the name one of my cousins bears, is now my virtual son. Is he any good? You be the judge of that…


To be fair, he looks rather average on intake day, but he’s getting a contract anyway. Nepotism for the win. I also have some hopes that the coaches and scouts have fucked up in assessing his potential ability, as they are known to do on quite a regular basis. We’ll see what happens with good coaching and tutoring.


A wee little image to confirm Roel is indeed my son and that’ll be all for now. I will however update regularly on his performances on the pitch.

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