Terrier Spirit; Part Two – Ankle Biters!

This is the 2nd article in the series by guest author Mark Rennolds. If you missed the first article then here it is.

Terrier Spirit; Part One – The Dog Fights On!

First Season Set Up

So, the main thing I want to do for the squad involves giving them an identity and a way of playing for each other that will bring results that no one expected. I want the opposition to be constantly under pressure, for us to be solid and dogged in our approach to defending (ankle biters) and then quick to spring the leash once we’ve got the ball back. As our squad is one of the favourites for relegation this season due to our transfer and wage budget structure, then it’s important for us to be well organised rather than wasteful with the ball.

And so, I introduce my first-choice tactic that we will run with initially. The tactical style (our identity) will be known as #Terrier Tiki, and even if we tweak the roles throughout the season then I want this identity to be the core of the club. I have moved away from my original tactical plan due to the signings that Guido has made and they are detailed as below. There are two variants of the tactic based on if the opposition is stronger than us or if I want to sit a bit deeper and encourage the opposition to come out a bit if I’m struggling to break them down.

We will be structured in our play, with each player knowing their role and working as a team to control the space without the ball and exploit the opposition’s weaknesses with the ball. I’m pretty strong through the middle with good central defence, midfield and attacking midfield options so will look to push the play through them initially working the space until I can get the wing backs and wide attacking midfielders free. I’ll break down the individual roles and player instructions below and explain the reasons for them, as well as provide the 2 tactics download links below.


A new season, new players and new hope

Well, I was not sacked by Chairman Guido, I guess winning the Croatian Cup and a super impressive run in the Europa League were enough to make up for an incredibly poor league finishing position.

Guido really pulled out all the stops in summer transfer window. With excellent players on both wings and keeping the all central midfielders we have to challenge for the league and by challenge I mean win the league. Now on paper winning the league should be pretty easy but the Croatian is only 10 teams and we play each other 4 times. Which means it’s very easy for teams to take and drop points of each other.


Masters From The Sea – Choppy Waters

This has been an incredibly difficult save as I did not want to let you the reader down and I did not want to let Guido down as he was taking the time be the Chairman of the club but I at the start of this save I really really struggle getting this team to play with the tactic that Guido requested I use.

Since we were tipped to win the league this obviously could not continue, so I changed the tactic and the results improved. I have since spoken to Guido who said just change the tactic so you get the best out of the team. So that tactic has been changed and results have improved tremendously. Still not perfect but at least we are competitive. For me, this is why I love playing FM as you never know what stories the game is going to create. Sometimes you are lucky to get a newgen who can lead your team to glory or a normally good team get relegated and they have to sell their players cheap. So may options even before you talk about the rules that player may add to the game. Youth Acadamy Challenge, players only from one nation, start in a country with a crazy league format yes Argentina I am looking at you. FM creates a world unique to every save game and it never fails to suck us in.  Anyway on to how I am faring in Croatia?


Masters From The Sea – Part II

Having visited Croatia before and having visited Split in particular, I jumped on the chance to help out in this multiplayer save. I enjoy scouting and setting things up and it will be interesting for me to see if I can convey my ideas clearly enough to see if anyone else can follow in my footsteps. I hope to create circumstances in which Beppe can flourish and make the entire team shine like the stars they undoubtedly are.


Masters From The Sea – Part I

Player 2 Has entered the Game

Some people were lucky enough to grow up with an elder brother or sister who played games with them. Me I was the older brother, so I was player 1, I was Mario and my younger brother was Luigi. I had the official joy-pad while my brother had the joys of the 3rd party super cheap joy-pad that sometimes stuck but in the main was OK. There really were some great games for SNES that could be played Co-Op gems such as Smash TV, Zombie ate my Neighbor and the amazing NBA Jam.

I am not even including the totally awesome Original Mario Kart. I honestly don’t know how many hours I played that with my brother. Being the older brother I got to set the rules, what game we were going to play. The rules of the games, if you died did you have to go and make the person a cup of tea? If one of the parents called who would have to go?


Perishing Partizan; Halfway Into Season Two

In the Perishing Partizan series, I am chronicling the demise of a Champions League winning club after the AI has taken over. Erratic spending, no clear vision as to which new players are needed and only average results compared to the quality of the squad, so far we’ve seen it all. Today’s post focusses on the half-way point of the second season the AI is in charge.

The financial status

As I mentioned last time, I need FMRTE to view the financial status, due to not actively being in charge of Partizan. This is what their financial status looks like as we wrap up the January transfer window.


Compared to the previous updates, there have been some changes.


Whilst their total funds are still plummeting, the club appears to have raised some transfer funds, which means they have probably sold players or received a financial injection from the board to keep the club afloat or sign reinforcements. The hemorrhaging of money over the course of 18 months is worrying though, as the club seems to has lost 125 million of its initial assets