The Running Regista Applied To A Strikerless Formation; Turning A Back Three Into A Back Four (Occasionally)

From a tactical viewpoint, the successful implementation of a Running Regista hinges on building a balanced team, a cohesive unit. As I quickly discovered when I started my experiments, you cannot have your defensive midfielder running all over the place without being exposed in defence a few times by opposing attacking midfielders. In order to combat this, I had to re-shuffle the entire formation. Using the formation I used for Sexy Strikerless wasn’t going to work, as the Complete Wingbacks were needed going forward and if the Half-Back got turned into a Regista, the team would be incredibly vulnerable on the counter. In order to gain some stability, I had to field a second defensive midfielder, which meant sacrificing the formation I had previously used. I came up with the following formation, which allowed for defensively stability in the midfield area, even when the Regista started roaming about. […]

The Running Regista Or Withdrawn Central Winger

My friend Jonathon Aspey (@JLAspey) has written about the Central Winger before, whereas I have written about the intricacies regarding the implementation of the role in a Strikerless formation. The next idea is pushing the idea a bit further and withdrawing the Central Winger from his central midfield position, de facto creating a sort of hybrid between the wandering midfielder we wish to see and the generally more static defensive midfielders we are used to. […]