Terrier Spirit; Part Two – Ankle Biters!

This is the 2nd article in the series by guest author Mark Rennolds. If you missed the first article then here it is.

Terrier Spirit; Part One – The Dog Fights On!

First Season Set Up

So, the main thing I want to do for the squad involves giving them an identity and a way of playing for each other that will bring results that no one expected. I want the opposition to be constantly under pressure, for us to be solid and dogged in our approach to defending (ankle biters) and then quick to spring the leash once we’ve got the ball back. As our squad is one of the favourites for relegation this season due to our transfer and wage budget structure, then it’s important for us to be well organised rather than wasteful with the ball.

And so, I introduce my first-choice tactic that we will run with initially. The tactical style (our identity) will be known as #Terrier Tiki, and even if we tweak the roles throughout the season then I want this identity to be the core of the club. I have moved away from my original tactical plan due to the signings that Guido has made and they are detailed as below. There are two variants of the tactic based on if the opposition is stronger than us or if I want to sit a bit deeper and encourage the opposition to come out a bit if I’m struggling to break them down.

We will be structured in our play, with each player knowing their role and working as a team to control the space without the ball and exploit the opposition’s weaknesses with the ball. I’m pretty strong through the middle with good central defence, midfield and attacking midfield options so will look to push the play through them initially working the space until I can get the wing backs and wide attacking midfielders free. I’ll break down the individual roles and player instructions below and explain the reasons for them, as well as provide the 2 tactics download links below.