#Roelwatch; On Fire!

Another year older, my son is scoring for fun again. He is maturing into one of the best shadow strikers in the world, which makes him pretty much ideal for my style of play and strikerless tactics.


What I found funny was his demand for more money… I am generally not one to give out more cash, instead opting to sell the greedy bastards… In Roels case, nepotism goes a long way I suppose…


He is now on a 150k a week contract. Hardly fair, but hey ho, he’s staying with me.

As you may have noticed, he has also opted to represent Holland on the international level. The Argentine FA froze him out of the squad and since he only appeared in friendlies, he was free to choose for Holland, which he did. This was his debut-game.

That is right, a goal on his debut!


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