Join The Team; We Need You!

In a combined effort to offer a stage to new authors and lighten the burden on my own shoulders, I plan to include more guest authors on the site. At least, I hope to have more guest authors on Strikerless. Whether this is a one time piece or a more regular contribution, it’s all welcome. So how about it? Care to join the Dark Side?


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Tactical Review; Rodrigo’s 3-4-3-0

Our last tactical review dates back to February, when we reviewed @cdeekyfm‘s 4-5-1-0 tactic. Right now, we’re going to look at Rodrigo’s 3-4-3-0. Last year, he sent in a tactic as well, so we can consider this a semi-annual event. Anyway, I figured it was time to disect another tactic, so I fired up the laptop and got right to it. Are you curious yet? You really should be…

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