Strikerless Is An SI Affiliate!

Whilst I started blogging for fun, to throw some ideas out there, it is always nice to receive recognition from others. Strikerless has grown tremendously over the past year and SI have decided to grant us affiliate status, which means we are now an official fan site. 

.PKM Files; What Are They And Why Would I Even Use Them?

A rather common reaction when I try to send people a .pkm file so they can view a match. To help prevent future misunderstandings, a short guide on .pkm files, what do they do and how can you use them? To tell you more about these files and their function, I’ll simply answer the various sorts of questions I received by mail and PM regarding these files. […]

An In-Depth Analysis Of The Enganche In A Strikerless Formation

A twitter conversation a few days back re-sparked my interest in the enganche role within a strikerless formation. The actual conversation focussed on player roles we wanted in FM15. I opted for the Withdrawn Targetman, which is basically the role I want my Targetganche to fill right now. Basically, we wanted a cross-pollination of the Read more about An In-Depth Analysis Of The Enganche In A Strikerless Formation[…]