Danny’s Attacking 4-4-2 Experiment (A Follow-Up to my Definitive 4-4-2)

Scoring late in a game, whilst a tense circumstance for the fans, is usually a blessing, as it puts all the onus on the opposition to try to equal the feat, or else risk leaving empty-handed. With that in mind, I’m sorry I’m a bit late with this post, but I’m sure many of you Read more about Danny’s Attacking 4-4-2 Experiment (A Follow-Up to my Definitive 4-4-2)[…]

Danny’s Definitive 4-4-2 (A.K.A. My Magnum Opus Ain’t Perfect)

Ah, the 4-4-2. Title winner. The bane of the naive manager. The bread and butter of every Dad who has ever put his hand up to manage his son’s under-12s side, and suddenly found himself out of his depth. One might describe it as the herald of the modern age of football. The old-school love Read more about Danny’s Definitive 4-4-2 (A.K.A. My Magnum Opus Ain’t Perfect)[…]

On The Road Again

The club was losing money faster than someone who loses money very quickly, so the team bus was laid up for the visit to Veternik. It was only on the other side of town, so a fleet of bicycles were borrowed from local residents and the team set off to a ticker-tape parade – well, a few disgruntled locals threw rubbish at them as they cycled by. I had obtained most of the bicycles, and ensured that we were one short. As the man responsible for the error, I followed behind in a horse-drawn cart, relaxing on a pile of rotting vegetables as the driver told me in broken English of the scene up ahead. He muttered: “Agghhh, shit hit him. He wobble. Man angry, empty piss pot on them, small child spitting”. I figured we were getting into Veternik territory. The night before, Angel told me of a previous manager at Novi Sad who had lost the first game against Veternik. The fans had stripped him naked, painted him with hot tar, and dragged him through the streets tied to a donkey. The police had found him in a ditch the next morning, with one of his testicles removed. The offending gonad was in a paper bag, in his mouth. Realising who he was, the police officer simply moved on. He had lived, but had to leave town. I feared for Boris. She reassured me; it had been a home game. For an away game, he would keep his full complement of testes!


Using symetrics in Football Manager

Using symetrics like Sir Alex Ferguson did with Man Utd during season 2012/2013 Manchester United has been a club who dominated the English and European football for quite some time. The results Sir Alex Ferguson managed to get with the Red Devils are unbelievable. Loads of managers have tried but i doubt that they will ever Read more about Using symetrics in Football Manager[…]

Join The Team; We Need You!

In a combined effort to offer a stage to new authors and lighten the burden on my own shoulders, I plan to include more guest authors on the site. At least, I hope to have more guest authors on Strikerless. Whether this is a one time piece or a more regular contribution, it’s all welcome. So how about it? Care to join the Dark Side?



My Team Just Scored From A Bicycle Kick!!!

In an age where football is becoming less about individual skill and finesse and more about team tactics and defensive responsibilities, some players and their style of play are like a breath of fresh air.

I’m generalising here, but fans and spectators want to be entertained and it’s generally not the team players who provide most of this entertainment. It’s not the Matic’s, Khedira’s or Mascherano’s of this world people want to see when they go to a football stadium, be it a digital or a real one.