American Football – Part II; Terminology

Just to ensure clarity I am going to take a moment to explain a few terms that you will see me use throughout this primer. Most are football terms converted for use in my system. Also, note before we get started: Typically, when I say football, I mean “football” sport of the American variety with the oblong ball. When I mean the sport where one must use their foot to kick the round ball, I will, of course, refer to it as soccer.


American Football – Part I

I read a lot of great tactics and articles posted by a lot of people on this forum. They have been immeasurably valuable to assist me in developing and understanding this game. It is my hope that I can add a little to collective knowledge and maybe offer a different perspective. I also promised some people via pm that I would post this and explain the system.

As background, I am an American with almost zero soccer experience. Prior to picking up FM16, I had never seen a club match in my life and had only watched a few US men’s and women’s national team games. Aside from a short stint on a soccer-based MMO, I had no experience with soccer video games. I had no idea what a holding midfielder was or anything much about formations and tactics. I still don’t know how to properly kick a soccer ball. I only discovered FM by accident looking for a similarly designed game for American NFL Football. I bring literally no soccer background or knowledge (or biases) into this, but I like team building games and the FM franchise was well reviewed so I gave it a shot. I’m now hooked.