A FM19 Story: The Wizard of the Artic

You all must have heard the usual story about the hero who got bitter to the system and withdrew himself to the cabin in the mountains to lead a simple life. As always, also in that story, a need arises among the others to summon that hero back to save the day since no one else can. They approach the stoic hermit and at first, the hero always declines to come back but eventually, he just can’t help himself and is willing to sacrifice himself for others for one last time.

Tale Of Two Sons – Decision Time

Both in life and in Football Manager, it is prevalent that even the most carefully thought plans often go out the window when reality and particularly in FM, the simulation shows up on the stage. This was also the case with my AS Roma save that I used to present this article for Guido and Strikerless. As I originally wrote in the first part,  I had very straightforward ideas for both my young players when I was loaning them out to get the much needed first team minutes.  They needed those minutes to get themselves where I wanted them to be or more specifically I thought where they would be in the hierarchy of my AS Roma organisation. This time, however, I got to experience one of those lovely surprises that FM so kindly sometimes gives you to keep you going even further into the cave further away from the light some people call Real Life.

I already went over my initial plans and thoughts about loaning in the first part, so this one is all about the results and conclusions I ended up with loaning these chaps out on different teams over the course of few seasons. Both of them were loaned out as first team regulars or more to get them the most exposure a player can have as a loanee. Without any further ado, let us jump into action, shall we.


Tale of Two Sons – A Loan Report

I bet there must be tonnes of guides and references on grooming players by loaning them out and I should know since I have probably read most of them during my time with CM/FM series. However, I have never touched it in more detail myself. I think I have mentioned my loan strategies here and there, but maybe this time I try to put all the eggs in the same basket and see how it comes together. With this piece, I seek to narrow down the philosophy I use while I am loaning young players out.


Keep It Simple; The Beauty Of Stock Tactics – The Game

In my previous piece I tried to cover all of the phases I go through while turning every stone available to win a football match in Football Manager 2017. Today, I will try to cover all the steps I take in preparation for a game and during the game to achieve a desirable result, which I am content with. You have to take into consideration the fact that desirable result may vary depending on how things go on the pitch. I always do have a set result in mind when entering match day. For today’s example, we are going to use my “Merchants of Groom” – save which I play with Benfica. More specifically we are going to take on Tottenham in ECL. So let’s jump into the action.

I reserve the right to do these things in a different order since I don’t always remember to do everything in set pace and order. One of the first things on match day what I go looking for is the opposing team’s squad. Here we see some useful info regarding Tottenham’s coming line-up against us. (Small disclaimer: I actually took this photo after the game, since I forgot to take it before. The only change is Eriksen, who injured himself in the game against us.)