The 1% Theory

Football has evolved in every way possible over the years, from the Arsenal side of the 1930’s to the modern day Barcelona. The short-passing game back in the very early stages of football was deemed as cowardly, that alone shows you how far football has come as a sport.

I think it’s fair to say that every type, style and tactic of the game has been exhausted over the years, it seems as though recently that we are just giving roles that have existed for years, new names. For example the false 9, certain players have done this for years but as the term ‘false 9’ has not long come around people see it as a new thing.

Teams in real life, just like us football manager players are constantly looking for that thing that could potentially make us 10-20% more efficient. Now I would argue that it’s impossible to make one, or even 2/3 changes that could make you and your team that 10-20 more efficient. Now this is where the ‘1% theory’ comes in, it’s a theory that suggests that it’s all the minor changes that make the difference. Each change equating to 1% more efficiency, so if you make 10 changes, you will be 10% more efficient (in theory).

We all are guilty of either misusing or totally ignoring certain features of the game that could potentially help us. The point in this theory is that if you make these certain small changes you will become more efficient. Of course this is only a theory but it’s used on various training courses for different job roles in real life, which is where I learnt it, so it’s pretty solid.


Handling your first season in charge

You’ve just taken over a new club, now what do you do? In this article I will explain my views on what to to do during your first season in charge to set you up for the future. In my opinion it is all about building the infrastructure of the club as a whole. Everything you do has an impact on the club long term and short term, personally I work more on a long term basis.

In my experience, most football manager players I talk to tend to quit in their first season. I feel like people rely on having a successful first season, when really the focus should be building your squad and the club in general. So this is my take on how to handle your first season in charge.

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