Catenaccio Senza Centravanti – Door-Bolt Strikerless

Warning: The following article will contain butchered Italian from an Aussie.


Stadio Silvio Piola, Vercelli.

Salute, amici mio. Mi dispiace per il terribile Italiano,
I still haven’t found the finances for an intensive language course. Yet somehow, this in no way restricts me from plying my managerial trade in Vercelli più bella.*

*Purely in a fantasy construct that exists only in my mind and in binary code on my hard drive.

There are two major upsides I’ve found to managing in Italy. First, is that sartorially, there’s really no reason to go without a suit and a fine pair of Italian dress shoes. Second, the Italian leagues have perhaps the most diverse and “European” tactical approaches and player roles being employed by your esteemed managerial peers. Registas, Liberos, Trequartistas and, of course, the fabled Catenaccio Calcio – Door-Bolt Football. Also, bribing officials, but let’s stick with the great Italian tradition of ignoring that.


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