Strikerless contains my ramblings, rants and musings regarding Football Manager. They will focus on my unconditional love for strikerless formations, but the subject might vary, depending on my interests at the time of writing.

The blog has become sort of my magnum opus on how I play FM, both in terms of tactics as well as strategies on scouting and the transfer market.

Since starting Strikerless, I have found my own little niche market by focussing my efforts towards gameplay strategies, in-game tactical advice and in general ways to fuck up the match engine and exploit the hell out of whatever loopholes I manage to uncover. People seem to like it.


13 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi! I am deeply in love with your writing and especially your central wingers. I have been playing around with creating strikerless tactics for a couple games now, and I wondered if there is any way I could send my current tactic to you? If it interests you, that it.


  3. What is better FM2016 or FM2017 ?? I play FM since 2004 , but now for FM2017 I read negative reviews , what do you recommend?


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