In my previous post we have seen that we had a comfortable lead at the winter break. With a seven point lead everything was looking very good and it was up to us to keep our good run going in order to win the 2. Bundesliga. In this post i will guide you through the rest of my season two results with 1. FC Köln.

2. Bundesliga results

The second part of the season went very well for us. The start was rough with a loss and a draw against VfL Bochum and Union Berlin. But after that we managed to get an unbeaten run of six games before MSV Duisburg managed to kick our ass. For some reason we have a lot of trouble with teams that play on the counter. Overall i was satisfied with how the second part of the season went but we did lose too much points. We’ve lost four games and drew two out of the seventeen we had to play.

All i can say is that we have not been the only team that struggled during the second part of the season. We’ve managed to win the 2. Bundesliga even when we did not play all that well. With a gap of eihght points we ended up with one more point difference then we had during the winter break. Now that we have reached our goals for the first season it will be time to look to next season. But before we do that i also have some FDB-Pokal results that i want to share with you guys.

2. Bundesliga league table

DFB-Pokal results

Our run in the German Cup was very short and disappointing. We never got past the second round and i was furious about that. Our first game against Viktoria Köln went according to plan. A solid 0-3 victory was well deserved after a tough game where had to break down Viktoria Köln’s defense. In the second round we faced 1860 München and for some reason we had an offday. With a 1-2 loss we got kicked out of the DFB-Pokal tournament.

After our decent results in the competition our cup results have been disappointing. Cup competitions are normally the quickest way to win a prize but my team was just not up to the task. But with winning the 2. Bundesliga we achieved our goals for this season and now we need to get ready for the 1. Bundesliga. I want my team to compete on a higher level and we don’t want to fight relegation the entire season. That is why we will be looking at our players, our playstyle and adjust the things that need to be adjusted in order to perform at our best next season.

For now thank you for reading, i can only hope you’ve enjoyed this post. In the next post we will look back at some statistics from season one and i also hope to look ahead to next season. ‘Till next time …


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