Last week, I was offered another opportunity to work with Daljit Singh, Rashidi. Naturally, I agreed. I mean, we had fun the last time when I helped his Gloucester team win its first ever Champions League trophy, so it seemed like a good idea to have a follow-up. After I had agreed, I noticed his smile, which was akin to how I imagine a shark smiling when it sees tasty morsel swim by.

It was a smile just like this one.

He had saved the kicker for after I had agreed to do the videos. I had to create a conventional tactic, no strikers allowed. Bollocks. You can watch the video to see how I set up.

Oh and be sure to follow Daljit/Rashidi on Twitter, @BustTheNet.


Guido is the founding father of Strikerless and main nutjob running the show.


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