Next to the attacking corner routines everybody needs a solid defensive corner routine aswell. There are many ways to defend your opponents corner but i always try to give it a little extra. In this article i will show you my views on how to properly defend a corner and how you can turn your opponents corner into a counter attacking opportunity for your own team.

The setup

This setup all depends on the quality of the players your team possesses. The idea is to convert a defensive corner routine into a counter attacking opportunity for your own team. To do so i have kept the setup rather simple as i’ve tried to eliminate all scoring options from my opponent.


  • 1st  option closing down the short corner: Due to the present of one of my (usually smaller) players i’ve taken away the option to use a short corner. The opponent will be immediately pressurized if they try to do so anyway and this will mainly end up for my team having ball possession very quickly.
  • 2nd option is taking away scoring from the six yard box: I have placed one of my backs at the near post. I have left the far post undefended as most opponents don’t attack that area. The six yard box is defended by the three players that have the best attributes for heading aswell as jumping reach. This way the opponent shouldn’t be able to score from close range. In the middle i have placed my tallest player so he can take out any ball that comes in that area.
  • 3rd option is the marking of tall players: Three of my own defenders have been assinged to guard/annoy the opponents three tallest players. This way scoring from the penalty spot area should be very had or even impossible.
  • 4th option is scoring from the edge of the area: By placing a technical and quick player, who can jump and head very well, at the edge of the box i give myself options to start a counter attack. Look at the picture below.m3tqba5.pngWe managed to get the ball away from our box and have quickly began our counter attack. Four or five man are rushing towards the enemy box in an attempt to score a goal.
  • 5th option is keeping defenders occupied: One of my players (quick one) is staying near the halfway line. This means your opponent has to keep two or three defenders at the back. This way they have less players in your box which decreases the chances of getting a goal against.


I hope you get the general idea of what i am talking about. Using this defensive corner routine has gave me quite a few goals already. It also made sure my opponent hardly ever scores against me and that is just what this is all about.

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Weston David Pagano (@wpazzurri) · September 28, 2016 at 2:47 am

Does assigning a player to position himself in the short option space cause problems if your opponent does not use the short option? That’s basically a player wasted then, no? If you do not make a corner routine do your players then know whether or not to go out there to mark a player depending on whether or not there is one?

How To Properly Defend Corners in Football Manager - FMBible · November 29, 2016 at 5:28 pm

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