Join The Team; We Need You!

In a combined effort to offer a stage to new authors and lighten the burden on my own shoulders, I plan to include more guest authors on the site. At least, I hope to have more guest authors on Strikerless. Whether this is a one time piece or a more regular contribution, it’s all welcome. So how about it? Care to join the Dark Side?


So how will this work?

Basically, each writer will be given “Editor” status on the site. This enables them to post their own work and even schedule multiple posts on different days. You can also see what other writers are upto in the drafts sections, so you can collaborate or at the very least avoid covering the same topic twice. As you have noticed, I usually manage to squeeze in a post or so pro week. This is not mandatory, since I realise that people have busy lives where a computer game does not always take priority. Write at your own convenience, and write about topics you are passionate about. Whilst I have a preference for tactical or strategical pieces, I welcome all contributions.

If you are willing and able to join the Dark Side, get in touch with me. We’ll work out the details and get you started. There’s no hard feelings if you decide to go your own way, in fact that’s how someone like @cdeekyfm has started out, with some pieces on Strikerless, building an audience before moving on to his own place. That’s a great and wonderful thing. If you want to get in touch, you can use the comment section below, you can contact me on Twitter or simply e-mail me at guido.merry @




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