Perishing Partizan; A Quick Introduction

One of my pet peeves over the past few seasons has been the matter in which the AI conducts its business. Now I do realise this makes me sound like a bit of a hypocrit, since I mentioned several strategies on this blog on how to deceive and trick the AI, but what actually rubs me the wrong way is how the AI handles taking over a club previously managed by a human manager, which is to say abominably.

It seems silly that the AI manager tries to erase all evidence of your tenure at a club by really messing up a perfectly good setup in no time. Several other FM-players actually agreed with me on the subject, with one offering an example of her own experiences.

That really got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be interesting to document the downfall of such a club? Just to see what we can learn from this. I really have no idea what we can learn from this exactly, but I’m sure there is something we can learn. Stay tuned for more information.


6 thoughts on “Perishing Partizan; A Quick Introduction

  1. one of the stuff I don’t understand in FM is why everytime I leave a club as manager after doing a good job half the staff leaves as well. it’s a bit annoying, I would understand the assistant manager leaving (sometimes) and maybe one or two coaches, but last time I left Arsenal over 20 coaches resigned. does that ever happen in real life?
    I share the feeling with you – overall, teams I leave with lots of money and huge prospects end up underachieving. kind of way too often.


  2. It’s so common I don’t look back at my former clubs anymore. Only sometimes checking up on the level they are playing, but never in detail to the squad.
    The clubs I bring up from lower leagues tend to stay in the league I brought them to though, although never really at the level they were with me as manager.


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