FM15’s First Attempt At Corner Exploiting

Set pieces are an essential aspect of the game. If you are unable to break down a particularly sturdy defence, a set piece may be all you need to pry open the defence. Hell, you can win games by making sure your offensive set pieces are good. Just look at Rehhagel’s Greece, in the knock-out stages of the 2004 European Championships, they scored some crucial goals from set pieces. Stoke City are another example of a team that are making the most of these dead ball situations.

Different teams have different use for set pieces. Some use it as main staple for scoring goals, others rely more on open play to get the goals. The quality present in each team dictates the frequency on relying on set pieces to score goals, as well as the proportion of goals scored from set piece plays. The better your team is, the less likely the chance is that they need a set piece to score a goal. On the other hand, even the top sides can use set pieces to force a goal when all else fails.

With set pieces becoming more and more important, it makes sense that managers like you and me are trying to find a way to beat the system, to discover some sort of way to turn set pieces into weapons. Can we find a way to increase the chances of us scoring a goal from a corner?

The answer is yes. Sort of anyway. It’s a method that focusses on isolation, getting a player free somewhere in the box with time to shoot or head the ball towards goal. It should look a little something like this.


The idea would be that the ball is distributed to the penalty spot and this leaves both players on the edge of the box with sufficient time to shoot towards goal. How is this set up?


Is it effective? Meh… A bit hit and miss… I started out with 5 goals from 4 matches using this, but against better teams, the distribution was a bit of a let-down. On the other hand, I’m using a bunch of real shit-kickers, so it might work better with a team full of actually good players.

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