A rather common reaction when I try to send people a .pkm file so they can view a match. To help prevent future misunderstandings, a short guide on .pkm files, what do they do and how can you use them? To tell you more about these files and their function, I’ll simply answer the various sorts of questions I received by mail and PM regarding these files.

Q: What the fuck is a .pkm file?
A: A .pkm file is a compressed match report, generated by the in-game engine of your FM game.

Q: Come again?
A: You can save every game you played within a save-game as a .pkm file. Someone else can open the file and view the match you played, including 2D match situations. It’s like video-taping your matches.

Q: So how can I make these files?
A: Well, when you finish a match a button called “save” appears, right above the buttons where you determine game speed and the amount of high-lights you wish to view.

Q: Cheers. Now how do I find these files once I saved them?
A: Browse to the my documents folder. In there will be a folder called Sports Interactive. Click on that folder and select the FM 2006 folder. Select that folder and find the matches folder. In there, all your saved matches are stored.

Q: Could you run that by me again?
A: Sure. Check the following folder: My Documents/Sports Interactive/FM 2014/Matches

Q: Are you sure?
A: Yeah, I’m sure.

Q: What do I do when someone sends me a .pkm file?
A: First, determine if you like the person who sent you the file. If you don’t like this person, delete the file and save yourself the hassle of copying it to the My Documents/Sports Interactive/FM 2014/Matches folder. If you do like this person, copy the file to the My Documents/Sports Interactive/FM 2014/Matches folder. Next, start FM 2014 and instead of loading a new game, select the View Match option. This enables you to view the matches stored in the My Documents/Sports Interactive/FM 2014/Matches folder.

Q: I’m worried that no-one ever reads guides, thus, I’m plagued by an incredible sense of pointlessness.
A: Woops, my bad. One of my own problems found its way into this guide. Mental note: write my “personal” problems in a different notepad.

Q: I did what you said, but I can’t seem to find the file?
A: Check the folder again, maybe you misplaced the file. Also, check if FM 2014 is looking in the right folder. Once again, My Documents/Sports Interactive/FM 2014/Matches

Q: Please help me? I still can’t find it…
A: Maybe FM is using a different folder for your stored matches. Create a new .pkm file and call it “PurpleDragonWearingBlueSlippersWithWhiteStripes”. There are probably no other files on your PC with a name that is even remotely similar to that. Use the windows search option to locate the folder this file is placed in and copy your own files to the same folder. Also make sure FM 2014 accesses this very same folder.

Q: What good does a .pkm file do?
A: It serves no real purpose other than to boast with your performances and rub it into your mates’ faces you are a way better manager than they’ll ever be. It’s a fun option. No really.

Q: My partner complains I play too much FM 2006 and don’t spend enough time with him/her. What do I do?
A: What do I look like, Oprah? Some people just don’t understand the important things in life. When your partner storms out of the house in a huff after you said “I’ll stop in just five more minutes” twenty times in the last two hours, text them and challenge them to a multi-player game of FM. If they refuse to reply or become angry, you know they are just scared of the tactical FM genius that is you and that you would’ve kicked their arse. Continue playing.

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Guido is the founding father of Strikerless and main nutjob running the show.

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Guido is the founding father of Strikerless and main nutjob running the show.


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