A nice new exploit; getting sure-fire top star newgens spawned

I have to admit I am always open to new ways to exploit the game. Not because I like to cheat, but because I like to stretch the limits of the game and see what happens if I come up with something SI haven’t. It’s a challenge, nothing more and nothing less.

To this extent, I tend to try old exploits as well, see if they have actually managed to plug the gap, so to speak. More often than not, it turns out they aren’t properly plugged and this is one of those cases. What I did is nothing revolutionary, nothing special and nothing that hasn’t been done before, but since people may have forgotten it was once possible, allow me to show you what I did.

The object of the exploit is to spawn sure-fire top newgens. Not just players who are potentially good in three to four years, but instant impact, top-notch, as-good-as-you-can-get-in-the-game good, truly world class. Have a look at some of these lads.

exploit001 exploit002 exploit003 exploit004

First of all, this trick needs you to have not too many players in your reserves and youth squads, as well as an international fixture. Just find an international fixture first.


Next, set up a friendly game against your reserves or U19’s at the same time.


Because most of your squad is away, you will be forced to field computer generated players, the so-called “grayed out” players.


As you can see, you can offer a contract to these grayed out players. After signing, they turn out as good as they look, including amazing potentials.

exploit008 exploit009 exploit010 exploit011

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