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Inside My Mind; Hungary vs Austria – The Clash Of The (Former) Dual-Monarchy

This article will be the third installment in what is effectively a case study in reactive tactics. The Hungarian national team is playing the 2052 European Championships with yours truly at the helm. In the first game, we kept the Czech Republic to a draw, whereas the second game saw us effectively nullify the mighty offensive power of the Spanish national side, gaining a second draw. In this final game of the group-stage, the Magyars take on an old adversary; the Austrian national team.


The Cuckoo Transfer-Market Strategy; Let Others Develop The Talents For You

Not everyone starts his FM career with a top side with the financial means and facilities to crank out homegrown talent on a regular basis. In fact, some clubs are severely strapped for cash and cannot free funds to invest heavily in the development of talent. Just fielding a somewhat-decent first team squad takes up most of the available funds so developing your own talent isn’t really an option. How exactly do you improve a club like that? You let others develop the talents for you as if you were some sort of FM variant of the cuckoo.

You see, cuckoos are notorious tricksters, shortcutting the chores of parenthood by hiding its eggs in the nest of other birds, which wind up hatching and raising them. A similar strategy can be applied to FM if you know where to look, how to scout and what to look out for. You let other clubs develop talents only for you to snap them up and use them; the cuckoo transfer-market strategy.


Another Collaboration With Rashidi; Part II

I mentioned another collaboration with Rashidi earlier where Daljit more or less twisted my arm to play a conventional tactic, as in one that contained strikers. England versus Lithuania. Shit, that sounds like an easy game, right? Let’s just say that Harry Kane was the man responsible for the result.

Harry Kane looking fatigued from making a difference for England


Effectively Using Corners In FM17

Whether you like it or not, set pieces are becoming more and more important in modern football. They allow teams the opportunity to train for specific, premeditated conditions and these focussed training-sessions can result in a weaponized set piece that can help to break a deadlock. Even at the very highest level, a well-placed and well-delivered corner can break open a match. In this article, I will explain how I set up my corners, which process is used to create them and what I want the players in specific roles to do during the corners.


Tale Of Two Sons – Decision Time

Both in life and in Football Manager, it is prevalent that even the most carefully thought plans often go out the window when reality and particularly in FM, the simulation shows up on the stage. This was also the case with my AS Roma save that I used to present this article for Guido and Strikerless. As I originally wrote in the first part,  I had very straightforward ideas for both my young players when I was loaning them out to get the much needed first team minutes.  They needed those minutes to get themselves where I wanted them to be or more specifically I thought where they would be in the hierarchy of my AS Roma organisation. This time, however, I got to experience one of those lovely surprises that FM so kindly sometimes gives you to keep you going even further into the cave further away from the light some people call Real Life.

I already went over my initial plans and thoughts about loaning in the first part, so this one is all about the results and conclusions I ended up with loaning these chaps out on different teams over the course of few seasons. Both of them were loaned out as first team regulars or more to get them the most exposure a player can have as a loanee. Without any further ado, let us jump into action, shall we.


Another Collaboration With Rashidi; Part I

Last week, I was offered another opportunity to work with Daljit Singh, Rashidi. Naturally, I agreed. I mean, we had fun the last time when I helped his Gloucester team win its first ever Champions League trophy, so it seemed like a good idea to have a follow-up. After I had agreed, I noticed his smile, which was akin to how I imagine a shark smiling when it sees tasty morsel swim by.

It was a smile just like this one.

He had saved the kicker for after I had agreed to do the videos. I had to create a conventional tactic, no strikers allowed. Bollocks. You can watch the video to see how I set up. […]

Inside My Mind; Hungary vs Spain – A Defensive Masterclass

Last week, I offered you an insight in my tactical tinkering during a match. I was managing the Hungarian national team in their opening match of the 2052 European Championships versus the Czech Republic, gaining a creditable 1-1 draw and keeping the somewhat superior Czech threat contained for most of the match. In this match, we’re going to be needing a whole lot more of that defensive containment seeing as we are up against La Furia Roja; the mighty Spanish national team.